New album 'Wishful Thinking' July 22!
New album 'Wishful Thinking' July 22!
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Wishful Thinking

Music has always been there for us. 

No matter what we’re going through - it’s been a true constant. Being there to lean on and provide comfort, fuel to the fire, hope - or whatever it needs to be in the moment. I guess it’s always been there for us in many different ways, however we need it to be.

Wishful Thinking is that album for our band, getting us through the last year and a half. 

Songs we wrote within the ups and downs of our own lives - and like music has been there for us as a band, as fans of music - it made sure we got through. 

We hope this record can be that for you, too.

A mix of hope, triumph, trust and sadness. Reflecting on the past, pondering the future. Relishing in the anger, and uncertainty. Not truly knowing what the outcome of your life is going to be, but looking at it through a lense of understanding and hope. 

From your friendly neighbourhood metalcore band - Wishful Thinking is the collection of songs that will incapsulate our band like never before. 

Wishful Thinking is for you. Wishful Thinking is Patient Sixty-Seven.

July 22, preorder your copy today!