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About Our Band

Patient Sixty-Seven - the Perth metalcore underdogs turning heads around the globe, have announced the release of their new song 'Lake Valley' on February 24.

Diving headfirst in 2023 following a memorable and career year for the group - with the release of their debut album ‘Wishful Thinking’ charting on both Billboard (USA) and ARIA (Aus) while topping their national Metal iTunes Charts as a purely independent act.

Patient have often been seen as a band to come from nothing, hailing from one of the most isolated cities in the world - to building into one of the most promising and entertaining bands in the genre. 

Armed with nothing but a heartfelt passion for heavy music (and a love for memes) and an ever growing group of supporters - 2023 will see the group release new music and tour for their biggest shows to date.

This includes a debut in the USA at the iconic Blue Ridge Rock Festival in September, playing alongside metal royalty for their first show in states on the back of unprecedented support from their passionate and dedicated community.

The band has garnered and connected with their supporter base like nearly no other, creating a community of empowerment around mental health, self care, and using the power of music to overcome.

The new single ‘Lake Valley’ showcases the band at their best, building on the success of their full length record while continuing to pair the best elements of both heavy, and melodic. 

The song discusses the anguish in being mentally unwell, and searching for answers on why happiness seems so far out of reach. 

‘Lake Valley’ takes the listener into that conversation around the pain that comes with admitting you’re not okay and working through the constant internal dialogue.

Vocalist Tom Kiely has touched on what the new song means to him and the band.

“Lake Valley is one of my favourite, if not my favourite song our band has written.”

“It’s just really honest, it’s hard hitting, heavy and it talks about how hard it can be to work through things in your life when you’re not where you want to be,” he said.

“Our band has never shied away from that conversation, and having an outlet to really hone in on that war that happens within us is just so draining, and sometimes really defeating - Lake Valley is about that feeling of being at odds with yourself.”

The song is the first featuring the bands newest member and drummer Richard Alexander, who joined Patient on their debut tour of Australia in 2022.


Patient Sixty-Seven have amassed a huge 10 million+ total streams + over 90k monthly listeners and have racked up impressive achievements including artist for Homegrown & Heavy, playlist spots on New Core, New Metal Tracks, Metal Covers, New Blood & More on Spotify, placement on Apple Music playlists Breaking Hard Rock & Heaps Heavy. The band has also been featured as Tidal playlist cover artist on Rising Metal and hit the international radio waves on Sirius XM and idobi radio, and back home on triple J across Short Fast Loud & Home & Hosed + Rotation on triple J Unearthed.